The Vision for Around The Bend Farms Inc is beginning to materialize

I was contemplating the structural design and specifications associated with Around The Bend Farms, Inc, and I instantly became overwhelmed. I spoke to Pat (our Executive Board Director) on the phone and told him that I needed to speak to an architect who could help me design the farm. Pat was so helpful, not only suggesting what I should do, but also in helping me to see the scope of what the business side of it entails. I had some false starts in terms of finding a non-corporate-minded architect who was open & willing to believe in my vision; someone who also desires to change the current agricultural paradigm here in Oregon. I finally spoke to a local architect named Christian, and we absolutely resonated on the particular sustainable designs that interest us. You can view the company website at

Since the inception of my dream, I am seeing more and more that I need to connect with competent, open-minded visionaries who are willing to move toward and usher in a new paradigm consistent with an optimized & sustainable system. Now that I have spoken to a designer who appears to sincerely concur with my vision, I have begun to see some of what's going to be involved in the ongoing planning process. Bottom line...there is a ton of work to do and this is going to be something quite challenging, but the results will be absolutely worth the investment.