The Business Side...

Being a business-minded person is quite an unnatural state for me. I have been learning a lot about focusing on filing important documents & keeping track of fiscal reporting lately. I had to get a local CPA to help me out with the tax stuff, and she has been extremely helpful in smoothing out that portion of the business management. Each day is an opportunity for me to see what I need to learn, ask questions, take notes, and develop these new skills that I never knew I had.

Having a business-oriented mind requires envisioning the direction I want to go, finding out the most resourceful and efficient way to go about it, and if I start to run out of steam, then I need to remember to rest, unplug from the process and come back to it later. It's actually quite fun really, and I get to see how the business-building process requires being able to maximize connections and reaching out to seasoned business-driven veterans to glean as much information as I can about next steps in moving forward. I have been using the internet like crazy, as it has become a valuable and extremely helpful resource. Yay for the internet!