First Step

One step at a time. Every concept & vision about how to develop the components requires a starting place. I have taken the step to procure initial funding for the start-up operation, and I am working with a content writer to apply for the grants out there available to non-profit agribusinesses. We are currently in the process of researching grant opportunities and gathering the business model information needed to write the grant proposals. It has been a little bit nerve-racking at times, but I trust that each step taken in the direction of my vision for building the revolutionary community farm & research center will help it to materialize. It's easy to get ahead of myself and think about developments that are unattainable at this stage of the game, but I must also remember that if I don't have a road map, then the direction will be unclear. So, I must keep on trudging forward each day, knowing that every step and awareness of the heading is always in the right direction.