Website Redesign, Grant Efforts, & New Innovation

I am constantly amazed and humbled by the immense talent that I have encountered and have been privileged to work with out here in Bend. The upgraded appearance of the website couldn't have been done without the great works from Lynn & her staff at WebProdigy. I wish to thank them for working with me in the design of our website at Around The Bend Farms, Inc.

We are currently in the midst of the federal and state grant research and application phase, and while it has been rather exhausting work at times, the efforts have been replete with learning and fulfillment. I wish to personally thank Greg of Transaxtion for being the solid backbone in getting the grant proposals and applications squared away for us.

A surge in the tide for the future of our company has allowed for the creation of Around The Bend Innovations, Inc. The idea and plan is to create innovative designs & engineered structures and equipment that will be used in the " sustainable farm of the future." Upon sufficient funding, I will work with federal & state institutions, as well as local engineers and innovative people, to contribute to the positive impact of sustainable agricultural & economic development in the region (and hopefully other communities across the United States).