Working with OSU-Cascades / Unique Urban Agriculture in Bend, OR

Our Personal Food Computer (PFC) project with OSU-Cascades Energy Systems Engineering (ESE) students was a huge success. Our friends and collaborators at E::Space Labs provided us with a significant amount of project support, and we are extremely honored to have them work with us.

What first began as an idea all tangled in wires, circuits, ideas, and coding, ended up becoming an organized and meaningful approach to learning about our miniaturized automated growing system. It was so great working with the ESE team, and they really worked hard on the project over 2 quarters. They are continuing the work with the PFC, and it's great to see that they want to continue on this road with us.

We're still at it...making our way towards bringing our own unique hybrid version of sustainable urban agriculture to Bend, OR. We are currently having key meetings to address next steps and big goals for this year (and 5-years out). We're really excited about the way things are moving forward, and just like all things, it's one step at a time.