Happy Holidays

This Christmas Season is a great time for many to run frantically around in preparation for this time of giving, and for some it may be a rather difficult time for personal reasons. I have been fortunate in my life to have been able to spend the holiday with family and friends in the spirit of love and giving, and I always reflect on the holiday with pleasant memories.

As I sit here writing this post, I am thinking about how Around The Bend Farms could one day be the type of organization that welcomes families near and far to participate in the spirit of joining together in unity, enriching each others' lives and sharing experiences. I am wondering about how we might work together to spread the message of our common desire to bring people together as we forge ahead through the challenges we face in our country and the world at large. A questions that comes to mind is, "What does peaceful community partnership look like to people?" I guess, more importantly the question I should consider is, "What does peace look like to me?" I have seen enough unrest and instability to know what peace does not look like, and I often wonder if it is a reality that can materialize in our world forever. These are important questions that I should consider as I work with others to develop the design & organizational structure of Around The Bend Farms, Inc., not just because it's just a good paradigm, but because I have seen a possible way to establish a balanced system that reflects the peace that I experience daily.

I hope that you all have a very peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year!