From Ben Marsh (CEO, Founder)

First, I want to welcome you to our emerging sustainable practice – one that will be the change we desire to create.

I envision a sustainable collaborative-community of new farmers, developing the new age of farming that is purely reproducible in practice on a local and global scale.

What I propose is an innovative & creative place for people to grow food, taste the highest quality organic produce, walk around the farm campus on pathways, participate in community events, form sustained partnerships, and soak up the natural feel of a truly balanced community.

This new system will be built on the premise of enriching and optimizing our connections, with innovative food production at the center.

Efforts are being made to design and implement a new modern model of building a community-farming structure that is based on symmetry, reduced environmental footprints, and ecological balance. I am working steadily with other like-minded visionaries and businesses to incorporate this pragmatic approach and belief into meaningful practices. Around The Bend Farms, Inc. will be the platform for implementing these visions.

If you are interested, please contact me and read some of my blog posts.