Welcome to Around the Bend Farms, where we’re intent on building food systems that strongly connect us.

Through creative action, we embrace innovation, promote unity, develop community relationships, and forge sustainable food & nutrition systems.


Every evolution has a beginning. Our non-profit 501(c)3 is advancing the planning of a unique agriculture campus. Join us! In unity we have the ability to envision, build, operate, and sustain an intelligent, comforting community farm for generations to come. 

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Our Mission:

 We are reflections of something bigger.

We are reflections of something bigger.

Growing Food. Building Things. Education. Nutrition. Research. That's how we play with dirt.

We focus on building an evolving, innovative agriculture community that embraces creativity to improve methods for locally cultivated food, and contributes to nutritional science & community health.

We are the possibility and the children built of dreams and power to serve all life.
— Ben, Founder of Around the Bend Farms